Flyn Costello

Flyn received her BFA from The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago in 2003.

My most recent paintings fall under the theme of Shared Environment.  Considering that animals are a part of our daily experience.  A squirrel raiding our bird feeder in the back yard, a skunk which lives under the porch digging for grubs in the backyard, seagulls swooping down and grabbing food out of your hand at the beach, a family of mice nesting in your basement. We build our homes to provide us shelter, they often find shelter in the same places. I find this overlap of space and resources sometimes appears in rather absurd ways. With my paintings I hope to highlight these interactions. A bear eating a slim jim out of the trash, a seagull snacking on McDonald’s french fries in the parking lot. The restrictions we put on their natural world force them to seek alternate resources and opportunities in our shared environment.






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