As a little kid I always wanted to be an artist or a vet. I ended up going to school for art at The Art Institute of Chicago for my BFA.  You didn’t have to claim a major so I took a lot of different classes, my studio work was mostly in clay but by the end I was into painting and drawing.

I moved to Maine in 2016 and I now share a house with my husband and dog.   We have multiple garages on our property in Westbrook that we are constantly working on transforming them into live/work space for us.  This is where I've been  working since Covid and it couldn’t be any better! 

Every painting I make is a new situation and relationship. I see the character in the animal that I want to express and create the environment around their personality.  I love working with bright bold colors so painting all the packaging is very fun for me.  My favorite part is usually painting the animal’s eyes.  What I want to do with my paintings is give people a different jumping off point to seeing animals that are typically viewed as pests or taken for granted.  My paintings are acrylic on wood panel.  I like the solidity and absorption of wood and the quick drying time of acrylic. My images end up translating well into reproductions so in 2018 I began making patches out of my paintings. 

I have them manufactured in the USA and I sew them on to hats in my studio on my big 100 plus year old Singer sewing machine.  Which happens to come from Haverhill,  Ma. the same old shoe town as me.

I’ve shown my work around New England in Galleries, shops, bars and breweries.  My work is on always on display in Portland Maine at the Terrace Walker Sidewalk Gallery on Congress Street and at the Gem Gallery on Peaks Island, also at Look Salon in Andover MA.